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For English-Language Guys

Here are five books for download. They are all Olympiad problems sets from different countries. The USSR olympiads book is great for combinatorics problems. I suggest downloading it if you're preparing for some Olympiad

Since Iran's first round olympiad is near, I suggest the second book (AMC 12) to all Iranian friends trying to clarify the first round

I will be putting more mathematics books in this blog, but what subjects are better to put in your opinion? There are some books about "How to write solutions", etc which help you to write better on olympiad papers, but most of them do not have anything realated to "Olympiad Maths". This kind of books probably help students with higher levels that have some problems with writing. There are some other books like problems sets, olympiad subjects, etc in my collection. I will be happy to know your comments. Please click on


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برای دوستان گل فارسی زبان!

خوب٫ امروز تصمیم گرفتم دوباره مجموعه سوال براتون بزارم. حالا که نزدیکای مرحله اوله٫ سعی کنید سوالهای سالهای قبل رو بیشتر حل کنید. کتاب دوم (همون AMC 12) به همه دوستانی که میخوان مرحله اول بدن توصیه میشه.

نظراتتون رو بنویسین تا بدونم چه نوع کتابا/مجموعه سوالایی بیشتر علاقه دارین که من قرار بدم.

احتمالاْ برای مرحله اول یه پست جداگانه میزارم به زودی.

(سعی کنید) موفق باشید.

نام کتاب (Title)نویسنده (Author)لینک دانلود (Download Link)
A Friendly Mathematics Competition (35 Years of Teamwork in Indiana)Rick GillmanDownload
The Contest Problem Book IX - American Mathematics Competitions (AMC 12) 2001-2007David M. Wells, J. Douglas FairesDownload
Five Hundred Mathematical ChallengesEdward J. Barbeau, Murray S. Klamkin, William O. J. MoserDownload
The USSR Olympiad Problem Book Selected Problems and Theorems of
D. O. Shklarsky, N. N. Chentzov, I. M. YaglomDownload
The Stanford Mathematics Problem Book
(With Hints and Solutions)
George Pólya, Jeremy KilpatrickDownload